Strategies for Today and Tomorrow: Marketing in an unusual time

Strategies for Today and Tomorrow - Marketing in an Unusual Time
What to do?
How to go on the offense?
Three Core ways to pivot
- What you offer.
- Who you offer it to.
- How you message it.
1. What you offer
Virtual Memberships.
- New Services.
  •  Partnering with local service providers to provide   affordable services.
  •  Creative / entrepreneurial services (i.e. marketing   help).
  •  Virtual assistant services.
  •  Furniture rentals/WFH  setups/artwork/plants.
- Safety improvements to actual space.
2. Who you offer it to
Current members, i.e.
  • Local entrepreneurs/remote workers.
  • New markets (i.e. remote workers, traditional office tenants).
3. How you message it
  • Safety first.
  • Address the situation head-on every time.
  • What are you actually doing to make the environment safe for the future?
  • Revisit/create a “Why Coworking” page to explain the benefits to people new to coworking. 
Example pages:
- Coworking vs. Traditional Office. 
- Coworking vs. Work From Home.
- Coworking vs. Coffee Shop.
- Why us vs. Anyone Else.
  • Revisit/create a “Why Us” page to explain why you are still the obvious best choice.
  • Revisit/create Audience Pages.
Example pages
- Coworking for Satellite Teams.
- Coworking for Remote Employees.
- Coworking for Small Businesses.
- Coworking for Startups.
- Coworking for Consultants/Freelancers.
- Enterprise-Grade Coworking.
Audience & Awareness
  • What do your prospective/current members actually care about?
  • Stories, entertainment, education.
  • Give vs. Ask.
  • Micro vs. macro content.
  • Share your audiences.
  • Have something valuable to invite them to (the velvet rope).
Virtual coworking membership.
- Job board/special offers.
- Webinars/training.
- Member benefits/partnerships.
Surface Area & Marketing Gravity
Have a compelling offer.
  • Members who stay and pay get long term benefit.
  • Prospects who sign up get long term benefit.
Keep running Google Ads (if you can)
Closing thoughts....
  • Be on the offense to get the lion’s share of the market.
  • Pivot what you’re doing, who it’s for, and how you communicate it.
  • Safety will be table stakes - innovate and talk about it.
  • Meet your market where they are and find new ways to serve them.
  • Build your audience through content, partnerships, and the velvet rope.
  • Have a compelling offer — people are still shopping.
  • Keep those ads out there on Google.
Closing thoughts continued....
  • Why should I choose you?
  • If you removed your logo and branding and described your business, would I know who you are?
  • Weak value proposition and differentiation is like cutting down a tree vs. an axe. Be specific about who you serve and why you’re better - even if it’s something small (but valued).