Fundamentals Playbook

What's Inside the Fundamentals Playbook
Phase 1: Getting Started
How to Organize, Systemize, and Manage Your Marketing
(1h 01m 49s)
UPDATED: Recurring Tasks and Standard Operating Procedures
55 mins
Analytics Goals + Filters with Kim and Kevin
32 mins
How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan for Your Coworking Space (Video)
37 mins
How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan for Your Coworking Space (Worksheet)
Developing Your Target Market Profile
(1h 03m 05s)
Marketing Software for Coworking Spaces
(1h 20m 52s)
A look behind the scenes at ActiveCampaign for your email marketing and CRM
47 mins
Phase 2: Building the Foundation
The 10 Website Commandments [Full].mp4
(1h 24m 42s)
The 10 Website Commandments - Checklist.pdf
106 KB
Social Media Marketing Fundamentals
(1h 08m 24s)
Social Media Marketing Fundamentals - Checklist.pdf
82 KB
Blogging Fundamentals for Coworking Spaces
(1h 06m 16s)
How to Add a Blog Post to your Website
10 mins
How to Create Blog Content that Doesn't Suck
(1h 11m 27s)
Phase 3: Creating Marketing Gravity
Facebook Ads for Coworking Spaces
(1h 29m 07s)
Facebook Ads for Coworking Spaces (Audio)
(1h 29m 06s)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google My Business (With Guest Expert)
(1h 02m 16s)
The Anatomy of a Perfect Coworking Space Newsletter
52 mins
Newsletter Template - Wireframe (PDF)
614 KB
Google Ads Strategies - Coming soon!
Phase 4: Organized, Systemized, Optimized, and Full
Using Surveys to Improve Your Business and Marketing
(1h 05m 38s)
How to Sell More Meeting Room Services to Non-Members
42 mins
Traditional (Offline) Marketing Strategies – Coming soon!
Broker and Referral Partner Strategies – Coming soon!
Expansion Strategies: Opening a New (or Existing) Market – Coming soon!
How to Start a Podcast for your Coworking Space
51 mins
Marketing Strategies During COVID-19
How to Navigate the Next Few Months (and Build for your Future)
41 mins
Going Virtual: Strategies for Bringing Your Coworking Community Online
41 mins
Strategies for Today and Tomorrow: Marketing in an unusual time
(1h 02m 05s)
What Should Marketing Look Like
(1h 08m 31s)