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Everything you need to fill your coworking space.

Everspaces Nation is a community of coworking space owners and community managers hell-bent on "getting full".  Get immediate access to hours of training videos, webinars, group coaching, marketing templates, systems, checklists, and a wealth of marketing resources to help you fill your space.
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Here’s the thing…

You've invested a lot already.

And, there's a lot on the line. That means you need to invest your limited resources wisely and delegate where you can. 

You need a system that works.

The problem is, marketing is a skill that takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. 

Even if you’re already a marketing pro, implementing things is a challenge—especially if you’re creating everything from scratch.

Things are always changing.

Right when you master a skill or tactic, the ground shifts.

That’s why this community exists. You don't need to figure it all out from scratch.

Everspaces Nation is designed to give you the latest coworking marketing practices so you can keep your skills sharp and your space full.

As a member, you'll be able to learn independently or in a group setting—whichever you prefer.

What you get

The Playbook

You’ll get a library of recorded training videos and supplementary resources to help you go from “making it up as you go along” to systemized, organized, and full. This course covers the fundamental elements of a successful marketing program, tailored to coworking spaces. 

Monthy Q&A Calls

Every month, you’ll get a chance to ask your marketing-related questions in a group Q&A call. Held on Zoom, you’ll get answers from me (Kevin) and hear feedback from other workspace owners/operators on the call. Calls are recorded and you’ll have access to all past call recordings.

Monthly Webinars

The Playbook covers the fundamentals. Monthly webinars build on those fundamentals and goes deeper on various marketing tactics and strategies. Webinars are held live so you can ask questions and share experience with other coworking space operators. They're also recorded for future reference.  

Slack Community

Get immediate access to a community of owners and managers who are committed to improving their marketing program. Share your wins, ideas, struggles, and questions with the group and build relationships that will give back to you in spades.

Premium Content

A few times a week, I’ll send a short blog post, video, and/or private podcast to members of either plan. Usually, they are short, bite-sized ideas to help you become a better marketer. Signing up gives you immediate access to all future and past content.

The Swipe File

Next time you need to create things like social media posts, ads, promotions, or a new website, you’ll have access to a database of examples from inside and outside of the coworking industry. No more starting with a blank page.

Recent posts

I'm so glad you decided to join.

At any time, please don't hesitate to reach out for support from me and your fellow community members…
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Hey folks,

Recorded a quick audio with some mindsets and strategies to keep in mind as this pandemic continues on.

It might be around for…
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For many, SEO is a vague, nebulous world.

We do things and hope Google likes it enough to help you rank #1 for office-related keywords…
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Of all the skills in marketing, writing is the most important. 

Give me a good communicator with a desire to learn and I'll make them…
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Club (Monthly)

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✓  Private Slack Community
✓  Members-Only Content
✓  Monthly Live Q&A Calls
✓  Monthly Live Webinars
✓  Q&A and Webinar Recordings
✓  Templates, Checklists, and More
✓  BONUS: Invite a Staff Member
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Club (Annual)

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✓  Monthly Live Webinars
✓  Q&A and Webinar Recordings
✓  Templates, Checklists, and More
✓  BONUS: Invite a Staff Member
✓  BONUS: 1:1 Kickoff Assessment Call
Includes access to 4 products:
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Inner Circle Coaching

$579 / month
$5,790 / year (save 17%)
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“Since hiring Kevin to oversee our marketing two years ago, we’ve grown from two to five locations with a 285% increase in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) while maintaining a 3.5% average marketing cost during that period.”
—Kane Willmott, Owner @
iQ Offices Toronto, Canada

“After implementing your suggested optimizations, the website is now performing 3x better in terms of conversions. Inquiries have increased from 100 total inquiries to a total of 280 per month.” 
–Lucas Seyhun,
The Farm Soho, New York, USA

“I heard Kevin on a podcast several months back, and was drawn to his commonsense structured approach. He delivers on the impression I got. The success I see with other members of the Everspace community encourages me to move from picking and choosing tips, to buying into the complete Everspace system. Being a member has given me the confidence to do more of the marketing myself, with access to Kevin’s experience, tools, systems, and resources to guide me along the way.”
—Mark Eaton, Owner @
The Corner Coworking, Alberta, Canada

“Kevin helped me get a grasp on what KPIs I should be tracking and also helped me to identify lost opportunities and leaks in my sales funnel. He has also been instrumental in helping me refine and focus my overall messaging. Kevin is a wealth of information when it comes to marketing in the coworking industry and I highly recommend working with him.”
—Sarah Athanas, Owner @
Groundwork, Massachusetts, USA

“I was introduced to Kevin and Everspaces through a webinar I was on. Immediately was drawn to the clear and concise manner in which he delivered his value proposition. Made advertising for coworking seem simple. 
Truth of the matter is that he breaks things down into bite-size chunks and we improve a little bit each week. He holds me accountable to what I commit to doing. Best part is that he makes it easy to understand and implement. 
Since I started working with Kevin, we immediately increased our occupancy. We also were able to focus on building sustainable systems to make marketing repeatable. 
There’s always a concern before you work with someone that they’re just another person selling snake oil. Once I had a call with Kevin, I realized that he really had value and knowledge to bring to the table. Made it a no brainer to work with him.”
—Josh Mente, Owner @
Co-Balt Workspace, Baltimore, USA

“Kevin has been an incredible mentor and incremental in helping me market my space. As an owner/operator I have to wear a lot of hats. Marketing has always been overwhelming with a lot of moving pieces. Kevin does a great job of slowing things down and really making you dig deep to give your space a voice, a story. He makes you do the dirty work because he believes in the value of owning your business and narrative behind it. Proven by his own successful business and message. I’m excited to dive deeper into all functions of marketing with Kevin as I value the insight he gives and I know that I’m in incredible hands to help me, and my business thrive!”
—Matt Irvin, Owner/Operator @
Innerstate Cowork, Menlo Park, USA 

“I have been following Kevin’s emails for over a year and always took notes from what he was saying as it really related to me and marketing my coworking space. 
Last year, I was lucky enough to have a 1:1 with him which was very valuable and helped change some sections on my website that are now showing results. I am now a member [of Everspaces Nation] and find the topics to be very beneficial and also allows me to go back over a topic if it is something I am specifically working on at the time. 
Being based in Australia, I have still found it invaluable and have been able to participate in some of the calls but if not I can always catch up and ask any questions in the Slack channel that are current for me in regard to marketing.”
—Samantha Davies, Owner @
Platypus Coworking, Ballarat, Australia


Who are you and why should I trust your advice?

I'm a marketing consultant and former digital marketing agency owner with more than 18 years in web design, a decade as a marketing consultant, and over five years working in the coworking industry. I speak at industry conferences, host webinars with companies like Proximity, OfficeRND, and Everything Coworking, have been featured in various industry publications, including the Global Workspace Association, Coworking Resources, and Allwork, and have been a guest on a variety of industry podcasts.

You can learn more about me here or read a case study here.

Who is a membership in Everspaces Nation for?

Everspaces Nation is for coworking space owners and community managers who take action. It is for people who are serious about growing their coworking space and implementing marketing that will serve them for many years. 

Who is a membership in Everspaces Nation not for?

Everspaces Nation is not for coworking space owners and community managers who believe results come without work or applied effort over time. It's also not for people who want to absorb information without sharing ideas and contributing to the community. This is for people willing to roll up their sleeves, try new things, and contribute to a group of committed space owners and operators!

What's inside the Fundamentals Playbook?

The Fundamentals Playbook is designed to take you from "making things up as you go along" to organized, systemized, and full. It includes all the essential pieces of your marketing program. Do this course (included with your membership FREE) and then worry about getting advanced. Click here to see exactly what's inside.

What value can I expect to get from the private Slack community?

Unlike the many free communities out there online, this members-only community is comprised of committed coworking space owners and community managers who are sharing experiences, offering additional advice, and helping each other succeed. The combined experience is invaluable to new and seasoned space operators. Inside there are 30+ members, including those in Australia, Canada, and the US. 

Can I invite my co-founder or members of my staff?

Club and Coaching membership gives you access to you and one other person in your company. Additional staff can get full access by purchasing additional Club memberships at a discounted rate.

Is the Coaching plan worth the price?

My consulting services average several thousands of dollars per month and I'm often fully booked. What that means for you is you're getting access to high quality advice for a fraction of the cost—without the waiting list. Sell one new desk membership that would otherwise go unsold and your investment is more that recouped.

Will your prices stay this way forever?

No. Prices will go up regularly as the value continues to grow over time. Members in good standing will maintain their monthly membership fee until they cancel, so there's no better time to sign up than today. 

Everspaces Nation

Join today a fraction of the cost of selling one new flex membership in your space. Dollar-for-dollar, it's the best investment you'll make—or your money back.